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December 21, 2020 I AM in Vancouver or Victoria now. email changed! Menu — ContactMe. Still searching for Tiger, Hinata, Kazumi Hayashi, Yukiko Shishido.

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Bike4.Life is Volume 1 of Raising rEVOLutionaries. A paradigm shifting and reality twisting new series to help teach parents to raise their children as real life superheros so we can fix the world! Drake Neo Freeman’s lifetime of environmental activism and breakthrough research into mind science and NLP is wrapped up into an action packed, fast and fun 28 pages. v09 custom child carrier bicycle baby seat tandem trailer
Free download today.  If you prefer Kindle format: $9.99 USD on Amazon (search

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BlenderBike Fun and profits teaching the science of soup. A  packet of powder is not real soup. It fits Definition #2, Soup: a clouded, undefined mix. Let’s keep it real! Definition #1, Soup: vegetables blended in water. The most popular prepared food for humans.

Don’t let Mr. Noodle lie to your kids anymore. Use your own noodle. Teach food truth from day 1. (1 minute video)

“The New Peace Sign” Remember7.Life Shocking symbolism in a hand sign. 7 second rhyme reveals 9-11 Truth, and the missing piece. (3 minute video)

Pollen8.Life Spreading REALity Twisting TruTh rhymes and art peaces that inspire minds, shift paradigms, and feed the messenger in these rEVOLutionary end times.
Spoken word poets get paid to save the world! The poem is free and the related print art sells effortlessly. Power To The People (4 minute video)
Shocking, funny and true. Neo at the Farmer’s Market challenges citizens: “Will you ask why this diesel generator is polluting 4 hours with nothing plugged in?” (9 minute video)

Zinglish A new language of action and affirmation to reprogram humans for success. English with zing and simplicity. Perfect phonetics. (7 minutes reading)

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SEARCHING FOR Tiger Akehero Shishido-Darvin, and Hinata Tora Hayashi-Darvin.

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