Activist-Art Street Flyers

These flyers are used for the street teaching activism stunts performed by the POLLEN8.LIFE spoken word poets.

Most are printed 2 up on a standard page. Some include special folding instructions.

Most will generate a $10 sale for the paper and ink and related discussion topics.

Some are used to presell the books in the series Revolution2020, Bike4Life and RaisingRevolutionaries

Currently they are english, spanish, or both languages.

High resolution jpg and png files available on request.

 Use the submenu to see each one.

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http://www.Pollen8.Life Spoken word poets get paid to save the world!
http://www.Bike4.Life The rEVOLution SOULution to prevent the next oil war!
http://www.Remember7.Life 9-11 Truth revealed in a 60 second rhyme and new peace sign.
http://www.Zinglish.Life A new language of action and affirmation. English with zing and simplicity.

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