Tiger Rescue Mission

2020 Tiger Rescue Mission
TestDeccaThermalean MonsterMe to rescue mission extreme.4 years is 4 years too long.This rhyme intent is not a hit song. It’s a message to my TigerSons to document where the Gubberment went wrong. They treated me like a common taxed man. Today forward steeltoes, Truth axe and a simple plan. 
They drugged, tricked and brainwrecked your Moms. Ask them both where their Tiger spirit has gone. Ask them why did we give you such a powerful name. Ask them why other kids at school are so tame. 
Journal 06/01/2020: I, Tigerdad ne0 Freeman-Hussein, 118 and hungry today, build to 150 then on my way.
Perfect a patch on my perfect naked back, 1870 more to attract. 
9/11/2020 with perfect clear vision, execute a 2020 pound Tiger attack, Super Officially call it a mission.
Principal: your son attacked a teacher at school today. It seems he read the lyrics of Tigerstyle the wrong way. 
I’m rite on my way Tigers! I love you.