n0ca1ne TAX

n0ca1ne TAX

Medellin, ColombiaTop 500 worst polluted cities.Cocaine capital of the world.

0ne Truth with a sharp axe.Cut 6 slices of banana cocanut pie to golden exacts.You pay 100% to fully exchange a bad act.I give karmic protection from anonymous attacks to open ports at the back.
Above board P8 investment for high flying spinners.Turns Bluzers into Bwinners.
Every one is paying on the high flying game plane. I paid with the loss of my sons,to receive the ne0 name. Talk tall today as the outspoken hero in this insane game. 
QLEER YOUR CON SCIENCE,Support me, the poet, Neo Freeman-Hussein.I deliver true freedom,butt first you deliver free pain.

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