Zinglish : Language for rEVOLutionaries

Zinglish : English with Zing and Simplicity!

Kids today can program their own apps.
You can become a transhuman cyborg with a pair of Google Glasses,
or by mounting your smartphone 2 inches from your eyes.
It’s because programming languages got simpler to the end user and more powerful in the process.

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” -Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, the most valuable company in the world.

Can we make English, the current programming language for your brain, simpler and more powerful?

Zinglish is a fresh start with no Latin and foreign derivations, no  homonyms, and no exceptions or amendments. No other constructed language can compare.

If children can learn  faster, easier and more logically during the “brain sponge” years, they will develop superior mental ability in all areas.


In 2014 Drake Freeman was doing an analysis of the English language for his 7 day Psychiatric Certification by Ratanaj Veejay at St. Paul’s Mental Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. He determined that English is an ancient circus of circumcised Latin, and he fixed centuries of obfuscation with Zinglish in 7 spelling rules flattened.


1. The C was seen swinging on the circus trapeze singing A,B.C.123. Depending on who he hung with, he seemed to like it both ways, but he never got hard unless baCked up with a K. All the other letters agreed, he should be displaced. The excommunication summary: “The C sucks, but even then he can’t save face.”

2. The Q was cute but useless. Not even useful to spell cute. And not quite quick witted enough to make a clear statement about tolerable noise levels when standing in a queue. “Quiet in the cue, we’re over noise quota.” His misquote would never do. He quit!

3. The Lazy S didn’t intend to displeaze when he said “some kidz wordz have special needz”. Originally excuzed by Straight S for sloppiness, later rezurrected, and instructed to stand more straight and make a point. But then Z showed up to seize the prize for best dressed and simply shouted Zoink!

4. The PH that physicians, pharmacists and even psychiatrists with a Ph.D was determined to be entirely phoney. It turns out the Big Pharma we citizens see, doesn’t help phix people, it just pheeds off the phake phiat phunny money greed. Great philosophers of anti-psych called it a system phail, then helped Drake Freeman escape the mental hospital jail.

5. The silent E, was determined by the alphabetic sound making community to be entirely unnecessary. They asked him for his final words, before they filed him in a folder, put the folder in a box, then put the box in the basement, with steel doors and big locks. But his words were “love gone, have none, die alone here”.

6.  Available to supporters only.

7. To get to Spain by plane or train, or to speak a speech, should not require any fresh fruit to be canned or impeached. Or any child’s noodle to be straightened or ruled. In Zinglish we simply double the vowel to say it’s own name so we’re never fooled.

Tuu get tuu Spaan bii plaan oor traan, oor tuu speek aa speech, shud not reekwiir enee fresh fruut tuu bee kand oor impeechd, oor enee chiildz nuudl tuu bee straatend oor ruuld. In Zinglish wee simplee dubl thu vowl tuu saa itz oon naam soo wee r nevr fuuld.


CapitalEYES when you realEYES what u&i really want to say in a simple, elegant and subversive double meaning way.

rEVOLution SOULution – love and soul in the way we roll.

Was Operation Iraqi Liberation really intended to bring FREEdom and DEMOcracy or FEARdom and aMOCKery? Are you afraid of being called a conspiracy nut if OIL is what you see?

Does spelling beLIEve with a capital lie remind us we can’t see truth with emerging urgency hidden in 9/11 plane site?


Connotation and denotation are now fully aligned. We are apolitically correct, redefinitions are sensible and they even rhyme.

War Hero: Someone who kills people and steals their oil, usually a politician’s son.
Revolutionary Hero: Rides a bicycle, petroleum use is none, symbolically, iconically teaches everyone.


Who is the SOULuTiON for a rEVOLution and what do they have to do? It’s me. Now get your bike and I’ll roll with you!

Real superheros are self elected. You don’t have to vote for me, I already 0ne.  (One spelled with a zero to indicate 0,1, reset and System Test and Chosen One.)

War deaths by census count, bullets in the head a senseless amount, General Tommy Franks says “we don’t do body counts”, Neo Freeman says “peace begins when everybody counts”.

$6 Trillion war debt and 2 million more dead. What if 2% switched to bicycles instead?


ASL7 – A new sign for peace:  See WWW.REMEMBER7.LIFE 


Reference to 9-11 Twin Towers means citizen sheeple have been fleeced, so please selfie an ASL7, as the new sign for peace, and false flag terrorism can no longer exist.  Half the world knows only about the Twin Towers, but the controlled demolition was a Triple Threat. This Zinglish hand mime reminds us that WTC Building 7 was not hit by a plane, and that we should never forget. 

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