my motivation

Hello, I am ne0 the poet. I turn 50 this 9/11/2020. It’s my big year for breakthrough. I made my millions in my twenties as an entrepreneur and inventor. Then I became an environmental activist, protesting the oil pipeline from Canada to USA. The last 4 years, living in Colombia, I became homeless. I also became a spoken word poet. It’s a powerfully effective teaching medium. It’s also my therapy. I lost my wife and children to an escalating war with corrupt authority. Too profitable to fail because they play both sides. My Tiger family was ripped apart, permamentally damaged by forced druggings, psychological abuse using, jail, mental hospital and police. They evicted us in winter, putting my wife and 2 year old child on the cold, raining, dangerous streets, even though our apartment would remain empty. They called us 13 times in the day to warn us of further harm if we didn’t secure a new apartment, at the same time acting as bad references to our renters profile.  
I couldn’t satisfy myself killing the evil doers. It would take thousands. I would need to head my own war against the people who profit from stealing the lives of our young Mothers and children. I created TigerMamas Tent Utopia to care for Mothers who have less than the best care during pregnancy and nursing. I am attracting insta celebs, leaders and visionaries for a fast ride to the top with BlenderBike. I work for free. Tent, Vegan, bicycle is all I need. By teaching “real soup” we undermine the corporatocracy. My son, Tiger, said “so the picture on the box is a lie? There is no fruit or vegetables in there? ” Yes Tiger! You are RRRIGHT ! Now let’s go kill them! ” The profiteer who teaches a child that a powder packet is nutrition will be held accountable for their life. If you have read this far, a Heart&Share is the least you can do. You might meet me in person 0ne day. Breakthroughs previously Impossible are now here.  When you get the message qleer, contact me.
2020 Time To Teach Real Soup and bike repair. Raise our children right and Mother Earth will self repair. It’s a 21 minute show, that floats 21 potential epiphanies in the air. We rain the drops, and you connect the dots until Bees and Butterflies reappear. Technically impossible to end 2020 in arrears. Because all signs point to now and hear, no more clues, now retune your ears. Invest in BlenderBike if it’s Truth Soup you like!

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