Colombia, Canada Reciprocity

Hello Canada!

It’s Colombia calling. I love you like a sister, even though you are a boy. Haha, little coke humor for you.

By the way, that’s why I’m calling. Do you remember that last $30 million, and before that the $21 million and $5.4 million and also the $110 million. We spent it battling cocaine. And the war is not over. Did you hear about our recent tragic loss of 9 lives? Helicopter crash. I can’t say more. Routine 360 flip manouever. Common in the video game, we became confused. It can’t be done for real. I shouldn’t say more.

If you still need us to move forward with the protection of women and children, we will need at least $37 million more, and a new copter.

Or, alternatively, your Canadian, Neo The Poet is still filling sidewalk holes, and complaining he needs more wood. 

Awaiting instructions, Colombia

sticker fronts


There are currently over 70 international assistance projects in Colombia being delivered. Canada disburses $30 million per year protecting the rights of women and children through access to quality education and protection from violence, exploitation and abuse. Canada’s Peace and Stabilization Operations Program committed $21 million for implementation of the peace agreement. Ensuring delivery on the Women, Peace and Security agenda and protection of our human rights defenders is still priority. Since its inception in December 2009, the Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program has provided over $5.4 million to strengthen Colombia’s capacity to combat transnational crime, through Canadian Government departments, such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA). In addition to $110 million in programs, Canada has noted its concerns in relation to the situation of particularly vulnerable populations, including women, children and human rights defenders.

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