Donate, support, cohort

Hello Real Superheros! Supporters like you pay for my hostel and Vegan food. At zero I go back to living under a bridge. Actually it’s fun and cozy but damp at night. I dry out in the Sun the next day.

I think some people will make a monthly automatic donation with paypal or credit card. Some may be one time, for the purchase of something specific, like a laptop, tent or bicycle, which I would currently love to have.

When I get a few generous supporters I will be able to take the StreetProphets, Pollen8 and Bike4Life movement to the next level, and spend more time to finish Zinglish. Currently I work at the library computers but it’s limited to 2 hours a day. I also do street poetry in Medellin. I would like to save up to fly to be with my children. I used to buy people big gifts when I had money, so I know there is others like me out there who could donate $1,000 because they like my book or poetry.

As of December 2018, I have not yet received an online donation. Will you be the first?

If you’re from Canada, is available from your own online banking under Transfers menu. My email is in the Contact section of this site. This is the best way.

2020 update: Vancouver sleeping on wet streets on cardboard, need tent, bike, raingear, room for rent cheap? still no online donations or Insta shares. copblocked?

more extra subversive enviro arts stunts for supporters only ...