Rhymes That Roar


Your child’s future success is affected by how well they can communicate with adults. Consider the simplest introduction greeting: “Billy, this is Mr. Smith, say Hello Billy.”

84 Total child responses: 34 Hello Billy 21 uhhh hello 13 Hello, my name is Billy. 8 sayhellobilly 5 but I don’t know him 3 will I get paid this time?

The 13 children with a proper greeting were raised in a religion or by parents who are sales professionals.

However, nothing more was accomplished than names exchanged. What if your child could project purpose, passion and a plan, all in a fun greeting?


Here’s a sample of RTR.

“Hello my name is Last, because my purpose is First, humans iconize the Tiger but treat them the worst. 2020 here now time to put this extinction countdown in reverse. 9 subspecies, 3 endangered, 3 critically, 3 already gone, so I took fast action and made up this song. My name is Billy.”

That was 15 seconds!…and there is still more. What if they could profit from the connection immediately?

My name is Billy. How are you? Are you concerned about species extinction too? and may I show you my art with heart? in this magic folder I have created a special few! They are to inspire you to help save Mother Earth and all her creations too. And I would love to freely work with you. If you invite me to. My personal website shows the other half of the enviro mental alchemy activism that I do. Take a pic of my QR code for free, or for a 5 take my art sticker home with you.

Time check: 31 seconds: art folder opened.

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