Pollen8.Life & StreetProphets

Pollen8.Life and StreetProphets deliver REALity Twisting TruTh rhymes and art peaces that shift paradigms, feed the messenger in these rEVOLutionary end times.

My lifetime of studying social conditioning, Uprisers, Wayseers and rEVOLutionaries has resulted in the creation of art peaces neuro-linguistically encoded to teach citizen sheeple a lesson they will never forget, and to feed the messenger.

My goal is to create a high paying opportunity for activists who want to take it to the streets (or park or school, church or mall or cafe, or wherever you can meet the kind of sheeple you want to wake up).

Usually, activism doesn’t pay. I think this is why there isn’t more REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES in the world. With my paradigm shifting juxtapositions, I BLOW MINDS, and offer practical soulutions that people will take action on and pay you for!

I would love you to use my written work as is, and you can co-brand it with your own FB link or website. That way we both benefit. If you want to change something, just ask and I will provide a new high resolution jpg for you. My work is printed on t-shirts, flyers, posters and other cool stuff that you can gift back to the listeners who support your revolutionary street teaching. This is not a busk. We don’t pass a hat. We don’t have to ask for money. Our supporters know who they are!

If you would like to donate any amount, even $1, that would be awesome. I do inspirational coaching as well as train people how to do the activism stunts to get the message across powerfully, and be exceptionally high converting for sales and donations.

Paradigm shifting art peaces

We get paid $10 for this art peace on the street, without asking or passing a hat. Street activism like this has never been done before!
Would you like to live the life of a rEVOLutionary?