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Curiously amusing: “how did the Twin Towers fall?”

Factually confusing: “how did 3 towers all fall the same when only 2 are hit by planes?”

Socially intruding: “why are we afraid to ask?”

Brainwashingly abusing: repeat “twin towers” and you won’t ever see 3.

Linguistically protruding: “named 7, but counted as 3.”

The “9-11 truth movement” motto “never forget 7” is neuro-linguistically correct at hypnotizing listeners to “forget 7”.

Fox (Faux, false) News repeats the headline “twin towers” rather than “NYC Triple Terror Threat”.

“The New Peace Sign : Remember7.Life” explanes that holding your hand as an ASL7 (American Sign Language #7), looks like the Twin Towers (WTC-1, WTC-2) and the little building shorter, further away (WTC-7) confusingly referred to #3 because it’s the order they fell on that day.

ne0 is the only ONE to expose this, over 19 years now.

Neo = new one, chosen one, inquisit10n of self to discover powers through rethink and connect10n. A self system test and reset.

George W. Bush (W = V V = two planes as symbols)(bush = third plane crash)
Barak Hussein Obama (barricade who is sane, obombya)
(Osama, Obama)(Saddam Hussein, sad + Adam whose sane, same name)

PrePresident Trump put a bid to build One WTC (World Trade Center 1). They chose someone else. He stated the new building design is ugly. What will happen to 0ne on 9/11/2020? Poetic or prophetic?

In a few days I (ne0 Freeman-Hussein) will be Stateless, expatriate… 4 years gone from Canada. currently live under a bridge in Medellin, Colombia. hungry. support my art and investigations please.

www dot Remember7 dot Life

3000 street performances in Medellin in last 2 years… zero shares. youtube JimPlant42

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