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Hello it’s ne0 the poet! (Neo Freeman-Hussein, Tigerdad Ake Darvin, Drake Freeman) 2016-2020 Medellín, Colombia. 2021 Vancouver, Canada

BEST WAY TO REACH ME is send to both emails: 

vancouverneo at protonmail dot com 

jimplant42 at gmail dot com

INSTAGRAM  search Pollen8Life  or Bike4Life, but follow up with email.

Sending me videos, pix, documents larger than 20mb use my Dropbox.

I cant Access my old FB accounts or old email pollen8… and getpaidtosavetheworld… and berthumble

(you must be an efficient communicator.  Where did we meet? Have you seen all the videos on my site? How many times have you read Bike4Life? Have you made a donation? )

Videochat? Tell me what app you use. I will schedule after you have made a donation only, so mention the date and amount.

Have you SHARED my INSTA posts and website yet? Please let me know when you first contact!


currently in Colombia street teaching like a wandering paisa. Translating my vids to espanol and coaching local parents. Expecting my first online donations and book reviews to come in!  Lots of fun with my local fans and tourists! Their enthusiasm is my main fuel! 

if you send me a DONATION mention the exact amount and date and  your related account email,  and the best way to reply to you.

(also works in Canada same day) so I can eat it now. Your donations pay my webhosting, food and hostel! thank you!


I am searching for my Tiger Akehero Shishido-Darvin and Hinata Tora (Sunshine Tiger) Hayashi-Darvin last seen in Japan, Canada or Hawaii.  Please email me. I’m saving for a flight ticket. This is my number one priority.  The FB had built for them keeps getting frozen so don’t message me on any old FB you find. only links on this page are current.