Tiger Shishido-Darvin and Hinata Tora Hayashi-Darvin

Message to Kazumi Hayashi, Yukiko Shishido, Tiger Shishido-Darvin, Hinata Tora Hayashi-Darvin.

 I love you! It’s Tigerdad Ake Darvin. Have I spoken to you by email, video, or phone since June 2016?


If you believe so, you were fooled by police. I have talked by video once each to Ken, Sophie and Kazumi, but each turned out to be fake. Heads were turned sideways during important things said. Face forward during generic expressions likely pre-recorded.

You may have experienced the same. Please take time to think about it. Did I sound like a Tigerdad!

Everything I said in Canada, I still believe. Almost 4 years since leaving, still Vegan, no drugs, no sex. I still only want to parent my Tigers daily. There is nothing more I desire. I only think happy thoughts about all my family. I wish we could all live together.

We must meet on video. It’s Feb.1, 2020 and my current email is in the Menu – Contact Me.

I love you! Tigerdad!

update September 11, 2020.

Homeless in Colombia. No tent, bike, plastic sheet. Over 4 years now, still have not heard from family or friends I trust. Have not been able to reach anyone. I love my Tigers and their TigerMamas!


Homeless on streets of Vancouver or Victoria. Cold, wet Christmas means nothing compared to finding my children.

If I die, everything still owed to me from my parents death should go to my 3 children. Police never ending investigations allow non-obituaries and non-conformation. Assume police orchestrated both murders.