mental health

4 years ago I left Canada. 2 years ago my passport expired. No money to get to Bogata embassy. Live on streets of Medellin. I did have a wife and child in Canada and everything was fine. I can’t reach them. 
Mental Health and police are a bunch of drug dealing pimps so they won’t help, only seek to obfuscate. Proof of how I spent every day of my 4 years is on fb and website Pollen8 dot Life. No sex, no drugs, just working for Mother’s and Mother Nature. 
I can prove about MH pimps, drugs, crimes but both Canada and Colombia police know all this already. MH workers get special privalege to pack coke Colombia to Florida, also Canada, because they are in the system.
My diagnosis is schitzoaffective but I’m very smart and use statistics, so my imagination doesn’t rule me. I want to return to Canada immediately to find my family if any are alive.I need competent help to complete the entire process including getting on the plane. 
I have been living and working misdirected by MH for years. There is no benefit to me to keep quiet about it. I can’t keep dragging my too heavy, ripped bags around. Bad back, can’t carry, end up sleeping in a ditch, wet and sick.

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