The New Dr. Seuss ?!!

Who is this Cat in the Hat? The next Dr. Seuss?

Dr. Seuss has sold over 600 million books.

His birthday, March 2, was adopted as the National Read Across America Day.

To all the parents who say “maybe our children’s generation will find a soulution for peace”,

my book series is a challenge and resource so important, I expect to occupy one of those 365 coveted awards.

Nearing 2020, and we are right on schedule for the zombie apocolypse.

Brainwashed, stupid, fat, Americans say “that’s just the way it is” as they drive a 4,000 pound steel box to a bigger box to buy beans in a can.

Dried beans are 10x cheaper and lighter to carry. Ride a bike to buy them. Inflate them with salt water when you get home.

This is superior logic. If we take action on it, we could save the planet.

Bike4Life gives you a new reason to bicycle and grow your own food and medicine. Your life depends on it. 

Pollen8.Life, my street poet activist group, will take my paradigm shifting TripleTruThs to the citizen sheeple, slipping wet tongue twisters directly in their ear.  

If they won’t take their medicine one way, we do it the other.

In the first volume of my book series

Raising Revolutionaries : Bike4Life

The 3rd leading killer of children solved, with no chemical injections.

For the first time in history, awkward and often dangerous parental slips, absolved and/or dissolved.

The #1 cause of pointless pollution in our cities rectified, with the erection of a Clean Air Saint.

Trees become icons of TruTh, and we stop manufacturing toilet paper.

Real superheros of all ages emerge to Teach TruTh on the street. Freaks like Jesus.

We learn a new language to raise our rEVOLutionaries. Invest within.

Pollen8.Life and this book series

isn’t just a breakthrough in mind science.

Not another Greenpeace.

Not just Vegan anarchists wearing capes riding the coolest bicycles you’ve ever seen.

It hasn’t existed in history before.

But now that we have a reality TV star as president, maybe you can see anything is possible.