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draft1 may27n0ca1ne TAXTruth with an axe.cut 20 slices of life pie to golden exacts.100% to exchange a bad act.Protection from anonymous attacks to open ports at the back.p8 investment for high flying spinners.turns Bluzers into Bwinners

draft1 may27butterfly case with one for Garret, Hugo, Stormclouds, Alex, Yesmenne0 Freeman-Hussein :May 13, 2020
butterfly collectors can analyse and index a new specimen in minutes, but this case represents over 10,000 hours by 35,813 Architects, Engineers, Independent Investigators, Statisticians, one A1ex J0nes and 0ne ne0 the poet.
previous butterfly outlines, pale color patterns, latin name.
the odds of achieving alphabetical order by accident.5x4x3x2x1 0.8%
the odds of transforming the homeliest insect to the most beautiful? 0.00000008%
odds of transforming top two icons of 9/11, projectiles (planes) into targets (buildings).0.0000000000008%
multiply by improbable factor:?millionthe originating official US building, cuts in two (symmetrically twinned) iconic buildings.
the folding method uses the least possible moves (3 folds), achieve both simultaneously.
the connecting link, hidden rite in plane site? The money! the USD in your hands.
Saddam Hussein said, we will no longer agree to sell oil in USD because we lose half.

  1. fold $20 bill in half to destroy The Whitehouse through the length.
  2. create wings by folding each bill end, resulting in a 90 degree “sharp right” for each.

Now $20 logo shows 4 times overlapping on 2 ends.

42 : HHGTTGThe Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, a SciFi allegory of Earth’s destruction, 1978, was written by Douglas Adams (Doug < Adam, tug less atoms) in xxxx (42 as molecule) microcosm-macrocosm
42 is the answer achieved by a supercomputer being asked to calculate the “meaning of life” based on a curiously confusing statement by elected human authorities.
Curiously amusing:”how did the Twin Towers fall?”Factually confusing:”how did 3 towers all fall the same when only 2 are hit by planes?”Socially intruding:”why are we afraid to ask?Brainwashingly abusing:”repeat twin towers and you won’t ever see 3″Linguistically protruding:”named 7, but counted as 3″
The USD series (5,10,20,50,100) are dated xxxxThe twin towers built xxxxblueprints xxxx
Ronald Reagan (Ron Old, Raygun was xxlx age, year xxxx stated SDI (Star Wars) directed energy weapon mounted on a satellite to target missiles launched from Russia could be tested by year 2000.
mel hurtig knows this.i campaign called for him re STV.  I said i can explane better than Wunderlicks

dr judy wood, dustification
9/11/2001 two planes hit and three towers fall. A System Test?date xxxxHiroshima (Hero shimmer)Nagasaki (Nags at Aki)
Birthdate of Ake Darvin, aka ne0 the poet. 9/11/1970Halfway through (age 50) on 2020 (perfect vis10n on hindsight)Every birthday Ake is reminded (nagged) by curiously confusing quest10n.
Ake (A key) has two half-japanese sons, ongoing investigation yields “accidental death or WPP kidnapping” of each on 9/11/2016full namesTiger Akehero Shishido-Darvin, and Hinata Tora (Sunshine Tiger) Hayashi-Darvin
A japanese Kamikaze pilot repeats 3x Tora (Tiger, Tiger, Tiger) before hitting the target and transforming his human life in a plane as a projectile towards a target building.

The japanese flag is a Sun symbol. Sunshine Tiger’s mother’s name is Kazumi.(Kazumi + Ake ≥ Kamikaze)
cheer = ra ra ra = Sun god

Torah, hallowed hollow book, carries ONE KEY from Medellin, Colombia to Florida (fluoride, floor eyed, flo rider, id identification)
The 3rd plane missed the target (WTC-7), and crashed in a forest. The news avoids discussion so it is quietly forgotten. Kazumi means “peaceful + beautiful” and Hayashi means “forest”.
The “9-11 truth movement” motto “never forget 7” is neuro-linguistically correct at hypnotizing listeners to “forget 7”.
Fox (Faux, false) News repeats the headline “twin towers” rather than “NYC Triple Terror Threat”.
Tiger Akehero (A key + Hiro) : Mother (ma) name Yuki Shishido (you key + shi)

A poem written by Ake in 2020 called “The New Peace Sign : Remember7.Life” explanes that holding your hand as an ASL7 (American Sign Language #7), looks like the Twin Towers (WTC-1, WTC-2) and the little building shorter, further away (WTC-7) confusingly referred to #3 because it’s the order they fell on that day…
ne0 is the only ONE to expose this, almost 19 years now.
three hand pix 1, 2, 7outline of 3 caterpillars in heights of 3 towers.
New York’s Harvard School of Journalism article dated xxxx 2010?shows a picture of Ake (aka: Victory) posed against Trump. Title: University of Greed VS Greed U.(Ron Old Ray Gun, Don Old Trump)

Neo = new one, chosen one, inquisit10n of self to discover powers through rethink and connect10n. A self system test and reset.
George W. Bush(W = V V = two planes as symbols)(bush = third plane crash)
Barak Hussein Obama(barricade who is sane, obombya)
(Osama, Obama)(Saddam Hussein, sad + Adam whose sane, same name)
HHGTTG characters:Ford PrefectMarvin depressed robot

PrePresident Trump put a bid to build One WTC (World Trade Center 1). They chose someone else. He stated the new building design is ugly. What will happen to 0ne on 9/11/2020? Poetic or prophetic?

In a few days I (ne0 Freeman-Hussein) will be Stateless, expatriate… 4 years gone from Canada. currently live under a bridge in Medellin, Colombia. hungry. supportmy art and investigations please. www dot Remember7 dot Life
3000 street performances in Medellin in last 2 years… zero shares. youtube JimPlant42