IN CASE I diethis is what i planned,you can complete the mission for Kazumi, Hinata(court tomorrow)….. VANCOUVER : Violence uPDateI have made an uncountable, illnumerous, very high number of times, to VPD, Violence Pimps Drugdealers, RCMP, PTBnomindz : the following message in TruthTripleTime.I don’t do the Violence in vancouver.YOU do it every time.I AM not the first to say YourSecondName, I just put it in a rhyme.RED ALERTI checked “Maps: Surrey, BC” Alexa, Google and Siri all chirped CrackAss back to me.I searched “E.Hastings missing woman” and the pix above the fold were labelled Impolitely. I did not skroll down to see.Once again aksing so politely,I seem to have lost my wife and child and I AM sure they are unsafe without me. We are a simple family that speaks The TruTh and nobody intelligent does doubt meRCMP, your Amber Alert did not go through, I can’t wait 4 more years, I WILL test to see what a Red Alert will do.PREFIX MY POSTERpage from bike4life family.fix wwwget tiger mamas domain.print plastic pole wrap……..FREE HUGS CANDYDon’t let me or any false authority get that into you,that’s not what a free hugs candy is supposed to do.It’s clean, fun, fast and free.But on the outside only,do you need to hear it 3 times from me?Just pretend it’s a button,you wouldn’t eat that hole,but you’d wear it on your lapel,btw your stained shirt looksoold.FREE HUGS CANDY SPEAKS OUT BOLD……..MISSING HUMANRED ALERTHello, Judge…if a woman stood here before you, states “I AM looking for My man”, somehow the courts have separated us, but could you update my record to say “I AM looking for you and They keep making mistakes and don’t understand.”Judge: your words may sound like poetry to you, but I don’t care, like unaware, no seashells needed to hear the air, on my head just fake hair. And there is a SystemToGo through.If I could have registered and reported, like she was my bike, they’d say “Where MainIntersectsEastHastings you can ride anything you like.”Ake Darvin (50) and Kazumi Hayashi (33), parents of Hinata Tora (Sunshine Tiger) Hayashi-Darvin are still looking for eachother. Please help. Tell every police & politician you meet about this pictures………….The TrueManShowSo you Think: you are the cenTer of everyThing.King of the Universe.When I mix it all together, I float in the cosmic soup in a milky way, but Tune in to my UniqueVibration, it takes me all the way, King of my UniVerse, FreekyFreeStyle RealLifePlay. and so you Think: you are God?Yes, I AM out to do some good, some people I see below me are not thinking as high as THey Could. ………..Torettes sounds like Threats,but it’s just sexual obscenities,not based on real events, I need to forgive to forget. I already have My Woman that helps me forget. Our son Sunshine completes our family set. Her Love is my best bet.long unfolding book,comic blurb convo.Hello I’m from The CDC,that’s “The Center for Disease Control”, here looking for the man that blurts “do you wanna…”WAIT! This may not be overall helpful to me. Are you Neo Freeman? Is that your real name? Yes I AM, but it’s not my birth name.Too bad, I was going to say that’s really cool. Are you afraid your friends might find out you have…STOP! really, it’s peoples’ reaction to my words that concerns… what if I say my Blurble to a kid and his Dad is there?Are you afraid of getting beat by a Dad? If you haven’t been through that yet, I can see why you would still have fear. Maybe you should just explain really quickly that you have Coprolalia…..As part of CDC’s work to educate people about the condition and to celebrate Tourette Syndrome Awareness month.#1 People with Tourette don’t always blurt out obscenities.Probably the most common misbelief about Tourette, often seen on TV and in movies, is that people with the condition blurt out obscenities or curse words. The reality is that most people with Tourette do not excessively or uncontrollably use inappropriate language. Known as coprolalia, this only affects about 1 in 10 people with Tourette. Coprolalia is a complex tic that is difficult to control or suppress, and people who have this tic often feel embarrassed by it……Top Five Coprolalia Verbal Expressions:1. FukUcopUfukingCop 2. IwannaFukU3. DoUwannaSukme4. ImGunaKillThatFuking5. Ufukingsuk………….Checkmark Tourettes Type: Choose 1 or 2.[ ✓ ] It is true that some people with Tourette have difficulties throughout their lives. [ ✓ ] It is also true that many people with Tourette are very successful. They are often high achievers and find that their tics can become less severe or go away when they are concentrating on a task at hand. There are people with Tourette who are successful in all walks of life and they work in many areas, including the arts, medicine, sports, and other professions.

…….leaving now…. to cross town, through east end. They follow.

Tiger2020 .Life

sells hemp Tiger shirts $200
and print art $25 – $100

cast: 3 children, 2 adults.
can be from audience. just 2 spoken lines each. MC could be all recorded or live.

hosted by (MC MyChild) young girl (8 – 16) wearing black Tiger2020.Life shirt, tigerstripe tights & hair ribbon, black shoes, blonde hair. tiger facepaint.

intro by MyChild
+a hundred years ago, there was 100,000 tigers free roaming in the jungle. Recent count, 3,581 and possible total extinction within 10 years if we don’t take Massive Action. That’s why I’m here. My name is M.A. Tigra Pantheria Crystalcat.

MyChild picks 3 wearing white tshirts with Tiger theme, from the audience. appears to be a Dad, two children.

MyChild + I see you are all representing the Tiger on your chest. Step forward and show us your stuff.

adult1 +it was a gift

MyChild +it’s legs are too long to be a Sumatran, and to be a Bengal its too short in the tail. this fake tiger shirt is a fail. take it off, you can use it to protect your face from disgrace
…or severe injury in this case.

This is a 4 blade cutter for making Signs. Slightly modified.

to adult1

child1 FRIGHTENED +Its my school team. The SoftBall Tigers.

MyChild +Tigers don’t have opposable thumbs to hold bats and you should NEVER talk about or STARE at their balls. How much did it cost, and how much did the Tigers get?

child1 + my mom paid $50 to my school. Tigers don’t need money.

MyChild + wrong again. we already pay income tax for school, and Gubberment has been incompetent with endangered species. 3 Tiger species are already extinct.
(ART has answers. Seed one piece to audience now) The Javan Tiger, The Balinese Tiger, The Caspian.

3 species of Magical striped man eating Predator Children lost from Mother Earth forever. Would you like to die?

child1 SCREAMS + Noooooo

Then name the 6 remaining species. 3 are on the endangered list. Who can help her? (art lists them, sell ART now)

MyChild + then protect your neck!

to child1

child2 FRIGHTENED +I like all animals. I like all nature.

MyChild +then why is your shirt synthetic DriFit not Hemp?

child2 +isn’t Hemp drugs?

adult2 (shirt HellsGate)
+Stop! This is insane. STEP INTO PROTECT child2 +you’re being a bit aggressive (shirt, protected by angels, hells gate air tram, orange and black text.)

MyChild +does that say Hells Angels? are you Affiliated? Your lucky that’s not a tattoo, or I’d skin your hide.

Now whose your Daddy? Who would protect these children if attacked by a real Tiger?

Adult1 +not me. we aren’t even a family. We just have tiger shirts. You told me to stand up here. I just assumed you were some kind of Authority.

adult2 (shirt HellsGate)
+ screams Wait… PUTS SHIRT ON FACE

MyChild + Welcome to your real life puny human Dads. Time for accountability. It’s Tiger 2020.

to adult2 (shirt HellsGate)



BIG speaker

EVERYONE SCREAMS! adult, child, gasping. Help.
call the police!

you can’t do that!
think of the children!
we ARE the children.
we are saving Tigers from extinction because the adults didn’t do it.
They could go from Endangered to Extinct in 10 years. We won’t wait for Gubberments anymore.
The time is now. We won’t bee here later.


hand out new shirts to victims and art to crowd.

KACHING 200, 100, 50, 200, 25, 1000 (shillbillz)
thats just 7 minutes to collect 1575 investment to support Tiger rebirths in the most effective way.

MyChild +
Triple Threat Tiger Force
puts on the free show,
thats Free as in Tiger Freedom. Now checkmark your good intentions and Pay before you go.


all MyChild can be recorded.
look away from audience be when speaking.
Other members can be sourced from audience, given white shirts.


TigerClaw signcutter squirts blood. shrouded in tigerstriped stretch material. Could use 4 paintbrush heads. redip each time.
4 red jiffy markers, cleanest

fake tiger shirts are white. lame prints. can’t shred them because we reuse, so blood lines only on chest.


perform for EVENTS, schools. high & elementary, church groups, and STREET.


(also audio background at start of street show)

hells angels rolling up,
HELLCAT bikes (clips from websites)
real tigers playfighting people
tiger facepaint kids
dude he’s affiliated.
no fake associations here.
thats a tattoo.
that’s Tiger2020.Life
if you could get the tatt first you could make a hundred for a peek then buy the bike.
Scratch the patch?
then make them pay for that.
or get BRANDED with a hot iron. Affiliation is for Life.


folded cardstock
9 unique backsides, showing each subspecies.

posed pix, mychild shredding each shirt. shocked onlookers. blood.


Triple Threat Tiger Force
puts on the free show,
thats Free as in Tiger Freedom. Now checkmark your good intentions and pay before you go.

$1000 Affiliated [ ]
$100 Protected [ ]
$50 Witness [ ]
$25 Shocked [ ]

FOLDOUT tiger pix with description. red stamps

World Gubberments, the same ones that bring you free public school and the non-Vegan food pyramid chart, have labelled Tigers as pests, dangerous to Man. While its true they kill more humans than Sharks, Rhinos, and Pitbulls combined. It’s a Justified killing. And there is Magic in that.


50% of sales donated to RSF.
RSF credit can be used to visit Myrtle Beach by certified players from
Tiger2020 & Pollen8


NEW PEACE SIGN Remember7.Life

use CONTACT for current email, insta.

Curiously amusing: “how did the Twin Towers fall?”

Factually confusing: “how did 3 towers all fall the same when only 2 are hit by planes?”

Socially intruding: “why are we afraid to ask?”

Brainwashingly abusing: repeat “twin towers” and you won’t ever see 3.

Linguistically protruding: “named 7, but counted as 3.”

The “9-11 truth movement” motto “never forget 7” is neuro-linguistically correct at hypnotizing listeners to “forget 7”.

Fox (Faux, false) News repeats the headline “twin towers” rather than “NYC Triple Terror Threat”.

“The New Peace Sign : Remember7.Life” explanes that holding your hand as an ASL7 (American Sign Language #7), looks like the Twin Towers (WTC-1, WTC-2) and the little building shorter, further away (WTC-7) confusingly referred to #3 because it’s the order they fell on that day.

ne0 is the only ONE to expose this, over 19 years now.

Neo = new one, chosen one, inquisit10n of self to discover powers through rethink and connect10n. A self system test and reset.

George W. Bush (W = V V = two planes as symbols)(bush = third plane crash)
Barak Hussein Obama (barricade who is sane, obombya)
(Osama, Obama)(Saddam Hussein, sad + Adam whose sane, same name)

PrePresident Trump put a bid to build One WTC (World Trade Center 1). They chose someone else. He stated the new building design is ugly. What will happen to 0ne on 9/11/2020? Poetic or prophetic?

In a few days I (ne0 Freeman-Hussein) will be Stateless, expatriate… 4 years gone from Canada. currently live under a bridge in Medellin, Colombia. hungry. support my art and investigations please.

www dot Remember7 dot Life

3000 street performances in Medellin in last 2 years… zero shares. youtube JimPlant42