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4 years ago I left Canada. 2 years ago my passport expired. No money to get to Bogata embassy. Live on streets of Medellin. I did have a wife and child in Canada and everything was fine. I can’t reach them. 
Mental Health and police are a bunch of drug dealing pimps so they won’t help, only seek to obfuscate. Proof of how I spent every day of my 4 years is on fb and website Pollen8 dot Life. No sex, no drugs, just working for Mother’s and Mother Nature. 
I can prove about MH pimps, drugs, crimes but both Canada and Colombia police know all this already. MH workers get special privalege to pack coke Colombia to Florida, also Canada, because they are in the system.
My diagnosis is schitzoaffective but I’m very smart and use statistics, so my imagination doesn’t rule me. I want to return to Canada immediately to find my family if any are alive.I need competent help to complete the entire process including getting on the plane. 
I have been living and working misdirected by MH for years. There is no benefit to me to keep quiet about it. I can’t keep dragging my too heavy, ripped bags around. Bad back, can’t carry, end up sleeping in a ditch, wet and sick.

Oh Caine?

Oh Caine?

No Caine. I’m Able.

Still perceptive, creative, empathetic, capable and even mentally stable.
I will not add your untested, addictive, white powder chemical substance to my food and medicine staples.

Only Sacred MaryJane, and too many fruits and vegetables to name.

n0ca1ne TAX

n0ca1ne TAX

Medellin, ColombiaTop 500 worst polluted cities.Cocaine capital of the world.

0ne Truth with a sharp axe.Cut 6 slices of banana cocanut pie to golden exacts.You pay 100% to fully exchange a bad act.I give karmic protection from anonymous attacks to open ports at the back.
Above board P8 investment for high flying spinners.Turns Bluzers into Bwinners.
Every one is paying on the high flying game plane. I paid with the loss of my sons,to receive the ne0 name. Talk tall today as the outspoken hero in this insane game. 
QLEER YOUR CON SCIENCE,Support me, the poet, Neo Freeman-Hussein.I deliver true freedom,butt first you deliver free pain.

TigerMama’s Tent Utopia

TigerDads can mark their territory elsewhere. The TigerCub is here in 9 months, regardless of parent cooperation.

Babies in the womb extract survival needs to grow because Mother Nature is in charge. That’s just the way it is. You can’t win an argument with the wind or a waterfall.

All food, clothing, shelter is free. Music, art, dance, yoga, and massage is provided by our members. 

TigerMama’s Tent Utopia is for Mothers expecting and with babies. Our skilled supporters are 90% female. Full accountability. No wanderers.

Our donors are creating their family legacy. 
In 2020 we will create over 1000 TigerTribes worldwide. They are located in unspoiled nature, near a river. Shelter is premium tents grand and small, hammocks, air mattresses. Simple luxury.

The lifestyle is Vedic, food pure Vegan and abundent with a 24/7 kitchen. We don’t waste our donors money on packaged food. 
The garden provides food, medicine, work, play and education. An example of 100% efficiency. 
Zero tolerance of alcohol, coke, junk food. Only empowering thoughts and words to nurture.

Together we create capable TigerMamas who will raise real TigerCubs. If in public school they are head of the class. They lead our communities to success while Gubberment fails. 

Birth is not a hospital emergency. It’s expected. We have a Midwife, Doula and Shaman. No doctor, no vaccinations, vitamin K or epidurals. 

We are creating the first generation of real life superheros with powers to save the planet. It starts with their Mothers!
Please Share! TigerTribe and TigerMamas will grow as fast as you see the vision and Share it. www.Pollen8.Life

I AM #1 like you Mom. First I will rescue the hunted Tigers, then together we will save the Orangutans!

FFF: please see my clean air campaigns in the Menu! Thank you


#blenderbike #Vegan #soup&smoothies #feedTHEchildren #covid19
#franchise #businessopportunity

BlenderBike, the custom soup and smoothie maker that feeds children for free, was born during of a state of military quarantine, Covid Law, May 2020, in Colombia. 
The BlenderBike is “the business of art” executed by a Canadian enviro-activist poet, Neo Freeman-Hussein. “We need to complete the feeding cycle. The system is broken. But in loopholes and glitches a mental alchemist can find free stuff”. Freeman sources the fruit and vegetables from Exito. The pick of the throwaways, more than wrinkled, less than rotten. 
The FairPlayNoPay Exito deal was leveraged by children.
Daily, autistic children in matching blonde beaufont wigs descend on the produce section to bag their free claim.

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Blenderbike System Test: Feed the Children

Quarantined by The King, but still hungry for life. Looking for a bright future, seeking signs of Success, if you were a kid stealing from Exito, fruit and veggies is the best. Coke & Snickers is cheap thrills, that leads to arrest.

Fill your boots with squished mangos and carrots in your socks. Your bra supports ripe tomatoes, and bananas fill your crotch. Avacados in your mummy tummy, sweet basil in your hat. Red peppers in your back pockets, but don’t sit down on that. !!!DROP!!!

it got dropped, !!!SQUISH!!!

it got squished, can you use it?

!!!PICKUP!!! I can’t use it, can you use it?

!!!TURN, PASS!!! is it a gift?

Yes, it’s a gift. !!!TURN, PASS!!!

My Kangaroo can carry this for you, because that’s what they do.

BlenderBike investment opportunities

BlenderBike from http://www.Bike4.Life

Fun and profits teaching the science of soup. A packet of powder is not real soup. It fits Definition #2, Soup: a clouded, undefined mix. Let’s keep it real! Definition #1, Soup: vegetables blended in water. The most popular prepared food for humans.

Don’t let Mr. Noodle lie to your kids anymore. Use your own noodle. Teach food truth from day 1.

Fine coffee with car exhaust

clean air activism art

so far, Pergamino not appreciating my work. not a coin or coffee!

THE PROBLEM: it’s a popular block with parking full. cars are allowed to sit and idle, blocking traffic, polluting cafes and restaurants. I tell them “turn it off for clean air. Apagar por aire llimpio” but the official city parking people, the red flag scumbags, and the street security all intervene TO STOP ME! I’m not allowed to approach drivers! Police say that idling does not avoid a double parking ticket, but their actions are against me, not the driver.

What would you do?

…if you were Pergamino owner, policia, tourist or local, what would you say or do?

neo the poet, most unwanted enviro activist in Medellin, Colombia